On the User Experience of Ebooks

The number of people reading ebooks isn’t meaningfully pulling away from those reading print – like we all imagined it might when this stuff was science fiction. We can explain this by the user experience.

Evaluating Digital Library Accessibility

In 2015 we evaluated the accessibility of selected digital library collections using CONTENTdm — a digital collection management system — to identify barriers to access. Managers of other digital library systems can integrate our recommendations to improve the accessibility of their collections.

How to Write a User Experience Audit

UX Audits can and should be incorporated as a non-bias and essential part of any redesign project. This article discusses its importance and what all should be included in the deliverable.

Meaningfully Judging Performance in Terms of User Experience

Your users expect your site to load the moment they want it. So, in this writeup, written for Weave: the Journal of Library User Experience, we look at methods for determining the impact of performance on the user experience. Enjoy!

Blueprint for Trello

A simple browser extension that makes it a little easier to use Trello as a service blueprint.


Shaming carousels being carousels

We have gone a little far evangelizing the “truth about carousels” to the point that among some people their use is so derided they are off the table completely. How short sighted.

IU Libraries’ Redesign and the descending hero search pattern

Indiana University Libraries went live with their redesign this week, and my trend detectors are firing. What is the “descending hero search” pattern?

Accessible, sort of.

A new hashtag describing content or an app that is accessible insofar that it validates, but still hard af to use, lazy #a11y.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

There are and will continue to be new markets, new corners of the internet where libraries will want to be. Libraries will need to be able to grow, adapt, and iterate without having to fuss over duplicate content.

63% of web traffic originates from a smartphone

More library users than not have a touch screen that connects to the Internet in their pocket.

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