Links Should Open in the Same Window [Redux]

The best practice is to leave the default link behavior alone.

The Non-Reader Persona

How do you approach the user experience of non-adopters?

UMich Library tried agile – and they kind of liked it

“Our approach may look scrappy compared to more well-established Agile teams, but I believe that we are on the right road and that we’ll continue to improve.”

Shared by Michael Schofield

The Election as a Design Problem

Can we talk about voter information as a user experience design challenge?

On Burnout

On this episode of Metric, guests Camille Thomas, Charles Villard, and Tim Broadwater panel-up with Michael to kvetch and commiserate about burnout.


Design Is the Problem

This Fall our book club is reading Nathan Shedroff’s “Design Is the Problem.”

WebAIM urges the government to hurry-up and make a good damn #a11y law already

In April, the Department of Justice asked for feedback on how to regulate web accessibility in regards to the ADA — which is a follow-up from their last request way back in 2010 — and WebAIM rounds-out a solid list of recommendations essentially with “hurry up already.”

Shared by Michael Schofield

Design digital libraries not as statements about what was but as tools for what could be

My argument today builds on a sense that digital humanities collections—archival and otherwise—are more likely to be taken by their users as memorializing, conservative, limited, and suggestive of a linear view of history than as problem-solving, branching, generative, non-teleological. This is a design problem.

Shared by Stephen Francouer

Don’t forget that users zoom-in on websites

This has some great tips. I particularly like the info they include on users who zoom in on websites since I feel that is a frequently overlooked area of assistive technology.

Shared by Carli Spina

How to run accessibility testing demos

Arthur Gouveia — a front-end developer at Shopify — shares his team’s process for facilitating accessibility tests.

Shared by Carli Spina
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