Listen: On design in user stories and user experience departments (20:48)

In this episode of Metric, Michael Schofield answers questions about the role of design in agile user stories, the necessary technical skills required to do UX work, as well as the benefit of user experience departments in organizations.

Listen: Ugh, UX Ph.D’s (25:55)

The first of a new question-and-answer style episode of Metric: a User Experience Podcast. In this one, we’ll mull over UX Certifications, the limits of a Ph.D in UX, and guerrilla usability testing.

CSS Variables and WebVR in Edge, and ISPs can screw us

Also: VPN downloads spike, Ionic 3.0 drops, Twitter creates a progressive web app, and more.

April 13, 2017 by Michael Schofield Michael Schofield

Listen: Google makes JPEGs faster, and the Digital Divide persists (5:44)

It is Tuesday, March 28th, and you are tuned-in to W3 Radio. Here’s the news in under ten minutes about the world wide web.

March 28, 2017 by Michael Schofield Michael Schofield

What should LITA do with their personas so they don’t fall flat?

There’s nothing wrong with their personas – but personas are the wrong tool for the job.

March 3, 2017 by Michael Schofield Michael Schofield

Zuboff’s Law and the Knowledge Factory

In these few short years, we have already crossed the software requirement, experimenting not just with services that so democratize and lower the barrier of entry to websites that often look indistinguishable from many custom jobs, but we are also toying with AI in such a way that websites lay themselves out best suited for their content.

March 1, 2017 by Michael Schofield Michael Schofield

First look at Primo’s new user interface

Impressions of some key innovations of Primo’s new UI as well as challenges involved making customizations.

February 28, 2017 by Ron Gilmour Ron Gilmour

Listen: Trey Gordner and Stephen Bateman from Koios (23:08)

Trey Gordner and Stephen Bateman from Koios ( design services that amplify the discoverability and searchability of libraries with real emphasis on the end-user experience.

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