For our first time on Wednesday, May 17th, at 4 p.m., the Library User Experience Community¬†will have it’s first virtual meetup.

We are planning to do a meetup each month at a regular time to make it easy for folks with lives to schedule and attend. This is an excuse to just get together and talk shop face-to-face (or face-to-ears) in just about as informal a setting as we can think of. When we were talking about this in our slack, we’re thinking we’d have a few canned topics to get the chat rolling but then take it from there. Although, this can be a space to kvetch, actually workshop a user-experience problem, or practice a talk.

It’s a no-fear-of-repercussions space so there will be no recording.


If you think you might attend, I’d really appreciate the RSVP. If there’s more than ten folks then we just need to arrange an alternative to Google Hangouts. It’s no biggie, we just need to know.

I’m not utilizing any forms or eventbrites for this one. Just holler on twitter (@schoeyfield) or join our Slack channel. See you there!

Michael Schofield is a service and user-experience designer specializing in libraries and the higher-ed web. He is a co-founding partner of the Library User Experience Co., a developer at Springshare, librarian, and part of the leadership team for the Practical Service Design community.