Hey there. Want to write for LibUX?

We should aspire to push the #libweb forward by creating content that sets the bar for the conversation way up there, and I would love your help. Our interests and topical commitment to the user experience, data, design, and development for libraries, non-profits, and the higher-ed web make LibUX a groovy place, and I am really proud of the articles, podcasts, and the community.

Now, I’d like to crowd this space a little bit with new and different people — like you. What do you think?

Topics and vibe

Write only about something you are really interested in or have insight into. These aren’t mutually exclusive, but I — hi, it’s me – Michael! — show preference for enthusiasm more than expertise. We are all friends just trying to figure this stuff out.

I’m looking for
1. beginner articles about research methods, models, principles, tools, concepts
2. useful data snippets and what it implies
3. opinion posts about privacy, personalization, design ethics, workflow, organizational culture, trends, …

and really just about anything you think makes sense for this blog and our community. Write with authority and don’t be overly concerned with being academic. If there’s a source, link it up, but we think conversations don’t start with a stern lecture. Have fun.

If you’d rather be given a topic, you’re in so much luck! I have an editorial board on Trello full of pitches.


I want to pay you for your work. Right now, it’s more like “buy a bunch of coffees” money rather than “pay some bills” money, but I think it’s an important gesture.

My budget is determined through Patreon support, so the volume of commissioned work I can afford is limited, but if you are cool with arranging some sort of barter — ad spots, heavy promotion, Patreon perks without being a patron (!) — let’s talk and figure something out.


Reach out

So, let’s talk. Shoot me an email and we’ll discuss some ideas.

Michael Schofield is a service and user-experience designer specializing in libraries and the higher-ed web. He is a co-founding partner of the Library User Experience Co., a developer at Springshare, librarian, and part of the leadership team for the Practical Service Design community.