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When Native Apps are Unethical

It’s been an upward battle for accessibility wresting a seat at the design table even though it’s core to the user experience. It’s now time to pull-up a chair for ethical considerations.

The Nintendo Switch

Chad Haefele, Tim Broadwater, and Michael Schofield totally conjecture about the user experience of the Nintendo Switch and the nostalgia market.

The Election as a Design Problem

Can we talk about voter information as a user experience design challenge?

On Burnout

On this episode of Metric, guests Camille Thomas, Charles Villard, and Tim Broadwater panel-up with Michael to kvetch and commiserate about burnout.

A Thorough-as-hell Intro to the Kano Model

In the 1980s, Noriaki Kano — a professor and consultant in the field of quality management — observed how customer satisfaction is determined by whether the service is good and if it meets customers’ expectations about what it should be. We can suss out these expectations and plan features that satisfy them (this know-your-users paradigm is central to user-experience design). However, features play off one another, and one that’s poorly implemented negates the benefits of the others.

Carousels Are Okay

All the arguments against using carousels are determined by the context in which they are used. This implies that when used deliberately, with understanding, carousels might even be capable of elevating the user experience above the competition.

Crafting Websites with Design Triggers

This episode is an introduction from a longer talk in which I introduce design triggers as a concept and how to use them proactively in web design.

Library Service Design with Joe Marquez

In this episode of the LibUX Podcast, Joe and I talk about service design, the role of the UX designer, organizational inertia and inherited ecology, blueprinting, and a lot more.

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